Welcome to Sandy Beach Bungalows

Unplug, unwind and relax - Could you Survive??

10 Rustic ocean front bungalows where you can take in the stunning views of one of the best beaches in Cambodia, with the most beautiful white sand stretching for more than 1000 meters.
A secluded paradise where you can forgo the trappings of the modern hustle and bustle for the quiet castaway lifestyle.

Located on the eastern side of Koh Rong samloem Island which is 19 klm from the Cambodian coastal town of Sihanoukville.

Explore the jungle and river safely with our local tour guides, there’s monkeys in the jungle to be admired from afar and we even have turtles in the river that runs under the restaurant, 15 at last count. 

On a moonless night we have phosphorescent algae, it lights up around you when you swim but only on a really dark night with no moon or waves.

Enjoy our Restaurant and bar where we have fresh seafood and BBQ or you can have the staff train you to cook local Khmer food..

 We have snorkeling at both ends of the beach and plenty of snorkelling gear to hire. You’ll find schools of fish including barramundi, hard and soft coral, fishing and some of the best dive spots around Cambodia.

1000 Metres of Paradise

Club House from Jetty
Bungalows from Jetty
Volley Ball Net
Left Beach
Ocean from Jetty Right
Bungalow Row
Bungalows Frontal
Twin Room Internal
Twin Bungalow Room
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