Koh Rong Saleom has some great Dive Sites to explore

Sandy Beach Dive Sites

There are some great Dive Sites around the island for you to explore.

The Corral:

This is a great spot to see seahorses. The Corral usually offers fantastic muck diving opportunities as well.

Rocky Bay:

This sheltered dive spot has a max depth of around 10 meters/33 feet and is a perfect location for spotting micro marline life that proliferate the colourful coral. Seastars, seahorses, seacucumbers and of course an array of fascinating nudibranch can usually be spotted here.

Last Chance:

This dive spot is on the northern end of Koh Rong Saleom. Here you will usually find a great diversity of hard and soft corals. At times a mild current passes through this spot bringing with it larger fish such as barracuda.

Just to name a few!

SCUBAEARTH has a great page and article on diving in Cambodia, listing the above dives sites as the first three of the Top Dives.

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